What to Bring

1. Identification: Social Security Cards for yourself and your children or dependents.
2. All Forms and Documentation Related to The Affordable Healthcare Program.
3. Completed Worksheet, Download HERE
4. Your last years tax return if available.* If your return was prepared at AMR, there is no need to bring your previous returns.
5. If you own a business or have income and expenses related to an activity please download the Corresponding worksheets to compile your information.

Affordable Health Care Tax Act

Important Information about your AppointmentWith the Addition of the Affordable Healthcare Act’s Tax Implications, there will be additional fees accessed in the year 2016 for the 2015 Tax Filing Period. Also, you are required to submit proof of your Participation for yourself and your family members. It is important that you have this information during you’re scheduled appointment to assure the best use of time for everyone involved.

Electronic Filing
AMR is required to file all returns electronically unless the return itself is not accepted by the IRS due to extenuating circumstances. Most clients prefer to file electronically due to to the expedited refund . Filing Electronically can result in 2 week refunds rather than six to eight.